From: DMX "Damien" (1998), DMX "The Omen" (1999), DMX "Damien III" (2001)

Who they were: On DMX's debut, he introduced the world to Damien, a shady character who helped X get rich but then expected him to kill one of his own friends as repayment later. The same scenario played out on X's second album when Damien appeared on "The Omen" and then again on X's fourth album when Damien appeared on "Damien III." X seemed to use the character to define his constant struggle to restrain his own baser instincts.

Where Are They Now?: Even though X claimed he was going to pray to help get rid of Damien once and for all on "Damien III," his recent actions lead us to believe that he hasn't slayed Damien just yet. So we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up on his next album, assuming there is one.