During a recent set at Club LIV in Miami, a patron of the club, upon hearing Calvin Harris drop "Feel So Close" from 18 Months, called Harris a sellout. How does he respond? By picking up the house mic and dropping this bomb:

"Why do you come to a fucking Calvin Harris show where Calvin Harris is DJing and don’t want to hear a fucking Calvin Harris record you dumb fucking bitch"

Unprofessional? Definitely. Can you blame him, though? His last album, 18 Months, has broken records set by Michael Jackson with his Bad album. It's helped him top Forbes' "highest paid DJs" list for 2013. If you go to LIV in Miami and hear him drop "Feel So Close" (a song that hit #2 on the UK charts, and his second to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, ultimately selling over two million copies in the US alone) from said album, you calling him a "sellout" is the exact definition of missing the point. You're free to say whatever you want to say, but remember that not all DJs will sit around and take comments lightly. And we imagine that Harris receives a slew of hate-filled messages on social media as well as when he's out making money. He probably got tired of it and figured he had to say something.

What do you think: Should a DJ have the right to fire back at detractors, especially when they are in situations where they're bound to hear whatever material they consider to be "sellout" songs?

(Your EDM)