Remixing The Beatles is a risky move.  Putting your hands on a classic record is usually a horrible idea, as the die hard fans will put your tune under a microscope.  There are a few artists that get remixed often (Zeppelin, The Doors, Bob Marley) that really shouldn't be touched by a novice.  Producers using the fame of these greats in order to fluff results on shit tracks is a disgraceful move.  The Beatles are on this list.  But D.V.S* is actually a musician. His ability to mix live instrumentation and bass music is like no other, and he thoroughly impressed me with this remix.

The SoundCloud description from D.V.S* says "If you just add some 808's, claps, and lasers, you'll (hopefully) be burned at the stake.  You really have to go for it, and attempt to make the song fresh again, knowing that the original is unbeatable in the first place."  D.V.S* is a guitarist that happens to make bass music, and the playful chops of these vocals and complete rebuild of the original tune is done flawlessly.  Feel free to give this downloadable tune a listen and let us know how if you agree.