Nipsey Hussle was detained by LAPD yesterday at a rally in support of Travyon Martin, according to TMZ, and Nipsey says the cops used exessive force when handling his brother, who is disabled.

Reports from CBS2 surfaced that Nipsey was arrested for brandishing a small caliber handgun during the protests, and was then arrested for two outstanding warrants.

However, Nipsey claims someone tossed a bottle at a vehicle he was riding in with his friends, who all said something to the person who threw the bottle. Minutes later, the vehicle was reportedly swarmed by LAPD, and Nipsey and his crew were ordered out of the car and detained for nearly four hours.

Nipsey now claims that the LAPD used "excessive force" on his brother and pushed his face into the concrete, even though his brother was not resisting detainment.

"I think it was the result of hyper sensitive LAPD officers overreacting once again," Nipsey said. 

More info over at TMZ.

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