There is no shortage of self filmed musical performances on YouTube. Ivan Varenikov is a special case, however. He taught himself to play piano without a left hand and has garnered a million views, in the process. And he just learned how less than two years ago. 

The 18 year old from Russia recently gave us some insight as to what lead him to his unlikely hobby. "Following the unexpected death of my father, which occurred one and a half years ago, I started to look for a place to pour out a stream of consciousness," he said. "I couldn't do it with those closest to me because they find it difficult to understand me."

During that time, Ivan discovered music as an outlet to animate himself. Eliminatiing limitations, he found an abandoned synthesizer, and began to learn the fundamentals of arrangement and chord progressions. He admits it was difficult at first, but his wrist gradually became better accustomed to operating the lower octaves.

Ivan says that his mission is to simply "be an inspiration." Watch the video above to witness him achieve just that. 

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