Album: The Art of Storytelling
Label: Def Jam/IDJMG/Universal
Producer: Dame GreaseBrits speak English, right? Somehow, the word "no" just doesn't translate correctly. In 1999, Slick Rick put out the song "Adults Only," a song that sounds like a rape whistle going off over and over. The night begins with a girl coming over to Rick's apartment and oh man, his hand is down her pants and less than :30 into his verse she's already saying, "Stop!" (His following line? "Knew she was joking." LOL, what a kidder this girl is. Maybe she'd like to do some stand-up for the cops.)

He later says "Surprised honey didn't put up too much of a struggle, at first," and you're wondering if Rick knows he's being recorded. Not only is Slick Rick weirdly persistent on getting ass, more specifically he wants...uh...let's just say he wants to enter her door to R. Kelly's chocolate factory. (He says when closing out the song, "Ain't no way to put it subtle when I want the butthole!") Slick Rick is addicted to butt, like it's his Cookie Crisp or something. And it's like, that's fine, but—PRO-TIP!—get permission first.