What The Hell Just Happened in Music This Week?

Joey Bada$$ went even further back in time.

Date: June 12

Last summer, when Joey Bada$$ named his first mixtape 1999, people smiled. The young Brooklyn rapper was all of four years old in 1999, but his music has always had a distinctly retro sound. 

The title of this spring's single followed suit: "Word Is Bond." So it only makes sense that his latest offering is called "95 Til Infinity."

The song, a nod to the Souls of Mischief's West Coast classic 1993 album '93 Til Infinity, made Joey a trending topic on Twitter when it dropped on Wednesday. Arguments broke out between supporters who find his style refreshing, and naysayers who find it boring. Which is weird when you think about it, because Twitter hadn't even been invented in 1995. —Dharmic X

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