Miley's "We Can't Stop" video was one big clusterf**** of "ratchet culture," twerking, art and product placement.

Date: June 19

Well, Miley Cyrus has shed that Hannah Montana image once and for all. She made damn well sure that everyone was aware of that in her new video for "We Can't Stop." It's bizarre, and barely fits the cliched, basic lyrics—you know, like 

There's no denying her new song, "We Can't Stop," is fun. (It's catchy as fuck. I listen to it multiple times a day.) But the lyrics are banal even by banal pop-lyrics standards. "Dancing with Miley?" (Pronounced like "molly." We see what you did there.) "Can't you see it's we who 'bout that life?" Groan. And if you're more than a little uncomfortable watching her twerk, we understand why. Sure, she's grown up now. Twenty years old. Well beyond "barely" legal at this point. She's no longer America's Disney Channel sweetheart. But she's also, clearly, not the girl she's forcing on everybody. She looks awkward licking her lips a million times, rubbing her body all over the bed, showing us her tongue so much we're pretty sure the part about it being her mouth so she can "say" whatever she wants was originally written a little differently. And, as this Jezebel article expertly pointed out, it's kind of sad that Miley needed to go so "ratchet" to get her "hood pass." (Wouldn't that Mike WiLL Made It beat and her blatant Rihanna imitation do the trick?)

It's distasteful. But hey, that can surely be said for the entertainment industry as a whole. Miley's trying to find a place in it for herself—through music right now. She's working with rappers, she's working with Pharrell, and she's become super-close best friends with Mike WiLL Made It. In short, she's being heavily, heavily influenced by hip-hop. And in a few months, when that full album drops, who knows? Maybe we'll get more meaningful music from Miley. Meanwhile, how's her "new image" working so far on the marketing front? Well, that video's at 25 million views on Youtube. —Lauren Nostro

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