Song: Soulja Boy on Lil Wayne's "Trigger Finger"
Album: I Am Not a Human Being II
Producer: Juicy J, Crazy Mike
Label: Young Money/Cash Money/RepublicSoulja Boy will be remembered as the greatest MC of our generation. However, his appearance on "Trigger Finger" bewilders even the most MENSA of Rap Geniuses. The repetition of "I'm fresh to death" mimics a bridge or a chorus, but it's not. It's a nonsensical verse, something you'd expect on that other (better) "Trigger Finger" song but not here. Confounding its terribleness is that Lil Wayne gave The Swag Daddy a full eight bars, splitting the third verse with him. Like putting his co-sign in bold italics.  

Please never forget that Soulja Boy made a song denouncing Joseph Kony and the use of boy soldiers.