Album: J-Kwon "Pushing The Odds"
Album: N/A
Producer: H Snow Beatz
Label: Hood Hop MusicIf a psychic had told us at the beginning of the year that J-Kwon would thaw from his carbonite freezing after nearly a decade to make a diss track targeting Pusha T and Odd Future, we would have told that person that they were the worst psychic in the history of psychics, Psychics (Pokemon type), Psy kicks (Gangam dance moves), CyHi kicks (shoes) Sidekicks (Motorola), Sidekicks (Johnathan Brandis/Chuck Norris movie) and sidekicks (Robin, Sancho Panza, et al). But, then we would have to humbly apologize because it came true.

After Kanye West ranked "Tipsy" as like the greatest song of all time throughout all the realms in his infinitely quotable New York Times interview, J-Kwon chose the best possible career move: A diss track. The song itself is laughable and kind of makes you feel bad for him. The problem with lines like "I'll turn off your lights like I'm Future" lyric is that Future wasn't the one who turned the lights off. We don't know who turned the lights off. Perhaps the lights have always been off? All we do know is Future wants the lights turned on—the opposite of what J-Kwon says.

Usually the last line of a diss track is the fatal blow: J-Kwon doesn't subscribe to this school of thought. Instead, he delivered a turn-of-phrase that we whole-heartedly believe Eli Porter ghostwrote for him: "Is you like even creative?" Do you even lift? Here's to hoping Jay Hyphen Kay shakes the rust off and comes back with more club bangers in 2013.

No matter what though, we'll always have "Hood Hop"... We'll always have "Hood Hop"...