Sin Diesel is making some truly incredible tracks right now. And has a shitload of free downloads. I wish I had time to post everything that I get my hands on, and that I could do this Internet thing full time. He's been sending me all of these tunes and my inbox is just on overload. But Sin Diesel is a monster. And you're about to get a look into the mind of an untapped genius.

Interacting closely with Kid Cedek (another Atlanta producer that should be a household name), he's releasing tunes that span genres, and touch every BPM possible. Nothing is boring or flat or cookie-cutter with this talent. His remix of "Sermon" by The Touch recently dropped, and was a reminder that he doesn't JUST make trap and moombahton. His ability spans boundaries.

And instead of explaining the relevance of a stack of records, how about this. I ripped through his SoundCloud so you don't have to and pulled out every record I liked. Play, share, download, and feast.