It was inevitable that Nas would come across J. Cole's Born Sinner ode to him in "Let Nas Down," and according to Cole, that fateful moment happened in an airport last November.

Waiting for his early morning flight after performing the night before, J. Cole told BET that he saw Nas walking through the airport, and subsequently grabbed the Queens rapper to give the record a quick listen. "I give [Nas] my headphones, I’m trying to hear what part of the song he’s on, cause he’s behind me," said Cole. "About a minute in to the song, he’s just like, 'Whooo!' beating my chair."

"Overall, he was wild," add Cole. "The look on his face was like, honored, honored that I would make that, and also highly impressed. So that was a huge moment for me."

Born Sinner is in stores now.

[via MissInfo]

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