Album: Kings of Crunk
Producer: Lil Jon
Label: TVT

When "Get Low" first started to erupt out of Southern strip clubs and into pop culture, radio stations and video channels only partly understood how filthy the hook infiltrating their broadcasts was. "Till the sweat runs down my balls"—sure, that's a no-brainer, gotta censor that. But for many, including Dave Chappelle on a memorable Chappelle's Show segment, the phrase that was left in was surprising: "You can't say 'skeet' on the radio...You know what's so dope about 'skeet'? White people don't know what it means yet! When they figure it out, they're gonna be like 'My God, what have we done?'" By the time the mainstream had a clue, the original clean edit of the song had already been permanently grandfathered onto the airwaves...the edit that actually adds more "skeet" to cover up all the "motherfucker"'s and "goddamn"s.