Album: Mail On Sunday
DJ Montay
Label: Atlantic

On a level that nobody has quite topped before or since, T-Pain turned hooks for rappers into a cottage industry that, for a few years, worked with incredible efficiency. Whether he was giving veterans like E-40 their biggest mainstream hit, partnering with superstars like Kanye West and Lil Wayne, or giving also-rans like 2 Pistols their moment in the sun, Teddy Penderazdoun’s AutoTuned jingles were instant chart magic. But for whatever reason, “Low” was the sextuple platinum monster that outshined all other T-Pain hooks, and launched Flo Rida into a successful run of regularly revisiting the Top 10 with hooks by Sia, Ke$ha, even the ghost of Etta James. Maybe it was the boots with the fur?