Hip-Hop's Catchiest Choruses Since 2000

13. 50 Cent "I Get Money" (2007)

Album: Curtis
Producer: Apex
Label: Aftermath/Interscope/Shady

Say what you will about him and his legacy, but Fif will always remain one of rap's greatest hook writers, often tailoring perfect little 8 bar melodies to the beat. And sometimes, he can craft one of the most memorable songs of his career simply by tossing a few scattershot phrases over a loop. Producer Apex laid the foundation with his menacing combination of jacked Swizz Beatz drums, buzzsaw synths and the "I get money, money I got" mantra courtesy of Audio Two's classic "Top Billin'." But what put the track over the top was the random stream of boasts and slogans 50 hollered over the top: "I-I get it! Yeah! Yeah, I run New York!"

Tags: 50_cent
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