Album: It's Tha World
Producer: DJ Mustard
Label: CTE World,Def Jam

Young Jeezy's had a rough couple of years. In the wake of the massive success of "Lose Your Mind," he dealt with label drama that kept him off shelves for longer than he should have been, thanks in part to the tragic passing of his Def Jam supporter Shakir Stewart. When his record finally dropped, it made some noise, but was immediately overshadowed by the release of Rick Ross's Rich Forever the following month, which seemed to suck the oxygen out of every other major rapper that year. Although "I Do" with Andre 3000 gained some radio spins, it didn't seem like Jeezy really regained his footing until he jumped on DJ Mustard and YG's "R.I.P."

Released under Jeezy's name, the song gave Mustard's "Ratchet" scene a charismatic personality at its center, and put Jeezy back in the mix of a relevant movement. His gravelly vocals unexpectedly matched Mustard's bouncing production to a T. Thanks in part to the novelty of an Atlanta coke-rap hardhead gracing the latest West Coast dancefloor fad, the song flooded the streets. It also earned considerable club burn, becoming one of the year's most celebrated, catchy, and undeniable singles. —David Drake