Album: Blurred Lines
Producer: Pharrell Williams
Label: Star Trak,Interscope

Despite the recent backlash "Blurred Lines" has received for being, "Kind of rapey." (Umm... It is. There's really no way of saying, "You know you want it" without coming off at least a little bit that.) But Robin Thicke's smash single is more playful than creepy. Channeling the free-spirited soul of Marvin Gaye's 1977 "Got to Give It Up" over Pharrell's bouncy production, Thicke is cheeky without being degenerate, masking his sophisticated white guy persona with a sumptuous approach to mate-mingling ("Okay, now he was close/Tried to domesticate you/But you're an animal/Baby, it's in your nature...")

Atlanta T.I. closes out the stylish romp with some vintage pimpin'—and it's no wonder why this record is topping the charts. We're not saying Robin Thicke stole Justin Timberlake's thunder with "Blurred Lines" (that's hard to do when The 20/20 Experience's opening-week sales of 968,000 is the benchmark for pop success in 2013), but we're thinking it's more than just coincidence that Thicke dropped this gem little more than a week after 20/20 came out. #TeamRobin or #TeamJustin-who you got? —Edwin Ortiz