Album: N/A
Producer: Mike WiLL Made It
Label: RCA Records

You've seen pictures of Miley Cyrus hanging out with your favorite rappers all year. And when news broke that she'd be releasing a new album, fans were anxious for her to shed that Hannah Montana Disney image once and for all. Umm... mission accomplished. With a beat from Mike WiLL Made It, "We Can't Stop" shows us wild, rebellious “New Miley” in all of her glory. The song is filled with enough stale cliches to make your skin crawl ("We all so turn’t up here/Getting turn’t up, yeah!") and the all the drug talk comes off as a little forced, but there’s no denying Mike WiLL and Miley made magic in the studio—these electro-pop vibes, with Miley's homage to Slick Rick's “La Di Da Di” will be stuck in your head all summer. —Lauren Nostro