Album: I Am Not a Human Being II
Producer: T-Minus,Nikhil
Label: Young Money,Cash Money, Republic

It's hard to escape the feeling that Lil Wayne has lost it. In his prime, five years ago, it seemed like could do absolutely anything he wanted in a studio, bring any idea that popped into his head to fruition the moment it came to him, spin a memorable couplet out any two words he pulled out of a hat, make magic out of thin air. Most of his recent work is a pale shadow of that glorious past. Yet, just when you were ready to count him out: "Rich As Fuck," a brilliant burst of light from a rapper seemingly out of fuel.

Here, we rediscover the Wayne we best loved: a controlled, patient Wayne, hopping in and out of flows, dropping witty prose, over T-Minus and Nikhil's killer funk loops. The beat alternates between a creeping, Pink Panther bass notes and the kind of noises what we assume space aliens make when they exert enough energy to perform telekinesis. 2 Chainz swoops in for the hook and seals the deal—another banger in the already impressive catalog of the once (and future?) king. —Insanul Ahmed