Date: August 2010

Lil B has always liked Paris Hilton. In the video above, you can watch him "cook" while his song "I'm Paris Hilton" plays in the background. On the 2010 track, the Based God rhymes, "I look like Paris Hilton/Ring worth a million," and "I like Paris Hilton/Where's Paris Hilton?/She can sue me cause I'm worth a million/I'm Paris Hilton, home at the Hilton." 

Curious to what inspired him to write the song? He explained his reasoning to Complex during an interview:

Lil B: "I always liked Paris. My first time meeting her was at the Playboy Mansion at this Halloween party. I was like 17 or something, straight out the hood, and it was just so crazy meeting her. She smiled at me and I was like, 'Oh shit!' I was stuck. Like, walking in, she ran by me and smiled at me and I was like, 'Hey.' So out of it... just couldn't even understand. I'm like, 'God damn it.' I think she's a cool person. I like her face. I like how she looks and stuff. I think she's just a little free spirit, man. She seems like she's cool. I got love for Paris Hilton. She does her thing."

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