So we guess the Wu-Tang Clan reunion album, A Better Tomorrow, is actually happening this year? Or maybe it still isn't? We're so confused. Either way, we shouldn't get our hopes up because from what we hear “Execution in Autumn” is just a previously unreleased Wu-Tang cut.

Not that we're complaining. This Frank Dukes produced track flirts with coming close to vintage Wu-Tang, even if the sun has set on those days. Inspectah Deck, Raekwon, RZA, and U-God all come together for this track and throw some razor sharp darts. 

Though we must admit, hearing U-God rhyme, "I'm on your team too, pass me the rock," sounds a lot like that time he was complaining that RZA never gave him any beats. LOLZ. 

[via MissInfo]

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