Date: 6/28/2001

It's hard to even remember Hot 97's Summer Jam before 2001, when Jay-Z made history-twice. First he debuted "Takeover," the best diss track of all time, taking mercilessly accurate shots at Nas and Prodigy—the latter supplemented by an infamously unflattering childhood pic complete with sequins and tights.

Hip-hop had simply never seen rap beef on this scale (50 was obviously taking notes); the show temporarily dimmed Mobb Deep's career and set off Hov's legendary standoff with Nas.

It was such a singular historical moment that everyone forgets the night's other highlight: Jay bringing out none other than Michael Jackson, who roamed the stage and even struck a b-boy stance. Even though Nas put Jay back on his heels with "Ether," this is arguably the night that Jay officially became the Best Rapper Alive.