Big Sean is gonna drop an album know one of the days in the year during a month after he finishes recording songs. Anyway, in promotion for that album he just released a behind the scenes video where he goes on nearly four minutes vaguely talking about family.

Sean narrates in a slow strum while behind the scenes footage plays on screen and it feels like Sean is saying something much more profound than he actually is but still, if you already like Sean you'll probably like him a lot more watching this. Especailly because he cares about important things like ass family.

Props to Sean and director Zeno Jones. This is a (relative) A+ compared to the average Behind The Scenes clip where a rapper just goes on like, "Album coming soon, nah mean? Go get that, ya heard?" And then proceeds to ask us a bunch of rhetorical questions that are just empty catchphrases.

So...will Big Sean's voiceover work make you want to buy his new album?

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