Album: Mama Drama

At the beginning of 1998, Master P and the rest of No Limit Records planted their flag firmly in the ground with the drop of "Make Em Say Uhh." No matter that the album it was on had already been out for three months: It exploded, and generated interest in No Limit that would keep them as a driving force in rap for a hot minute. No Limit's star female act, Mia X, got some shine off the track, too, which helped put hype behind her third full release, Mama Drama, which was lead by the single "What'cha Wanna Do?"

Featuring a hook by former Gap Band singer and R & B legend Charlie Wilson, Mia's smooth raps on the song—an emotive confessional about having a man on his final straw with her—ran counter to the all-hood, all-the-time image No Limit was pen-and-pixeling its way into history with: "You used to make me laugh, show me love and respect/But if you don't make a change, you'll be callin me your ex." Needless to say, the message resonated. The track found its way to the No. 41 spot on the Hot 100, and helped the album (Mia X's most successful) see the seventh spot on the Billboard 200. -Foster Kamer