Album: Cold As Ice

Charli Baltimore has been a name known to rap fans since the late '90s, yet she's never actually released an album (her album Cold As Ice was released promotionally, however). But if there is there one thing she can claim—besides jumping from rolling with Biggie to Lance "Un" Rivera to Irv Gotti and Murder Ink to Game and Black Wall Street—it's her Ghostface Killah assisted single, "Stand Up." The song picks up where Ghostface's "Wildflower" left off with Ghost Deni spewing indubitably raunchy bars. On "Wildflower" Ghostface Killah told an unnamed woman, "Yo bitch I fucked your friend." Seeing as Ghost tells Charli Baltimore, "Yo I fucked you on the side of my hood" on "Stand Up," we're guessing maybe she's the friend of the unnamed woman on "Wildflower." But probably not, since Charli drops a line about them both being signed to Sony (the biggest hint about how the collaboration even happened). The sex talk is just the warm-up before Charlie regains control of the song with rough rhymes that bite through the gristle. - Insanul Ahmed