Album: Beam Me Up Scotty

Rapping over Soulja Boy's "Donk," Nicki Minaj proves she's more than just a booty on "Itty Bitty Piggy." The Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape track is heralded as one of Minaj's best tracks of all time; "Itty Bitty Piggy" became so popular in fact that Nicki created a music video for it because of her fans' strong demand. The Queens native proves that her only rival in the game is herself, "'Cause they be thinking' they can spit, spit shine my shoes/You know I keep a bad bitch let me sign your boobs/I'm the only thing poplin' like a kangaroo/I mean the only thing poppin' like a can of brew." If anyone feels like challenging her "lyrically better than most of the male rappers" claim, this should be a self-explanatory rebuttal. -Alysa Lechner.