Album: The Bitch Is Back

Eight years after Lolita Shante Gooden set the hip-hop world on fire with "Roxanne's Revenge," she returned with an even more incendiary dis record. But where her debut single took aim at the male rap crew UTFO, the single "Big Mama" off her album The Bitch Is Back dissed every significant female rapper in the game, from Queen Latifah to Yo Yo and MC Lyte. "I dig ditches for you bitches/While I collect riches/And give you a head full of stitches," Roxanne rapped. The song garnered more publicity than airplay, and earned her more infamy than income. On a memorable episode of the now defunct talk-show Jane, Shante sat down face-to-face with some of the ladies who she dogged out. Born and raised in Queensbridge, she was never one to bite her tongue. Thankfully they all made it to the end of the show without throwing blows. —Rob Kenner