If you look at dance music, it's always been more of a singles-driven market. The idea of a smash album has always been there, and artists have crafted some of the most compelling longplayers in music history via the electronic realm. Yet with the growth of the iTunes nation, the act of listening to an album straight through is as foreign of an idea to many as buying a CD. Times change. That doesn't stop artists and labels from abandoning the format, and we applaud that.

Sometimes, you need to throw a willing artist into a zone where they concentrate on one project and let it all hang out. Some will just take their 10-12 biggest beats and throw them onto one release, while others truly take their time, compiling a solid picture of where they were at musically. It's a great medium for dance music to showcase why its important, or why you shouldn't be so quick to pigeonhole artists and genres. And in a given year, it can be tough to remember some of the creative, album-length projects that these producers put their time into.

And let's be frank: Once Daft Punk's Random Access Memories drops, we might forget any other projects existed in 2013. DAD doesn't want to do that. So, as we strive to be elephants in this game, let's look back at the 10 best albums released in 2013, so far.