If I were prone to making massive assumptions based on absolutely no evidence, as the Internets often do, then I would say "THIS TRACK IS YET ANOTHER PIECE OF EVIDENCE PROVING THAT DAFT PUNK WILL BE AT COACHELLA." I, however, am a model of journalistic integrity, trustworthy leads, fact checking, and good old fashioned follow through.

So if I were to even insinuate that just because UK Garage legend, Todd Edwards, (who will be featured on Daft Punk's forthcoming studio album Random Access Memories and worked on "Face to Face" off their 2001 album, Discovery, and was part of "The Collaborators" project) remixed a song by Phoenix, who performed with Daft Punk at Madison Square Garden in a SURPRISE appearance back in 2010 meant that Daft Punk, Todd Edwards, and Phoenix were all so closely intertwined lately that the odds of Daft Punk making an appearance at Phoenix's performance at Coachella had now GREATLY IMPROVED - well, if I were to insinuate that, then I'd be just as bad as everyone else.

So rather than spreading unsubstantiated rumors that Daft Punk will now definitely, no doubt, 100% appear with Phoenix at Coachella this year - I'll just leave you with a nice Todd Edward remix to kick of your week right.

Because here at DAD, we would never insinuate that Daft Punk is definitely going to play at Coachella 2013 without evidence.