Chris Brown has been on quite a media run today. After addressing his Drake beef with both Angie Martinez and Sway, Breezy was back at it again with Funkmaster Flex. Just like Sway, Flex cued up the instrumental to Drake's "Started From The Bottom" and Brown spit a quick 16. It ain't all that, but at least he keeps up with the beat way better than he did on Sway's show. 

And no, despite the beat Breezy doesn't take any direct shots at Drake, even through he told Sway he would keep doing it. However, in the same breathe he assured Sway that he wasn't even a rapper, even though this is the second time he kicked a rap freestyle today. He also told Matt Lauer he's a "humbled" though we've seen no evidence of that.

So we're just gonna go ahead and say we don't really believe most of what he says.

[via InFlexWeTrust]