The Internets were ablaze yesterday afternoon with word of stealing from Arty & Mat Zo's "Rebound" single for a track from his willpower album, "Let's Go." There was a lot of aggression thrown at both and Chris Brown, from hilarious pictures to some apparently hateful things being thrown at and Chris Brown.

Last night, Laidback Luke took to Twitter to give his side of the situation. Word is he is friends with the producer of "Let's Go," and mentioned this situation to him via e-mail. Luke was told that Arty is actually getting producer credits on the project, and he was confused as to why that information wasn't being thrown out there. You can read all of those tweets up above. Interestingly enough, Arty did tweet that the sample is from the master file; how else would have received a master file of "Rebound?" Did reach out to Arty & Mat Zo to sample the track initially, and now they're backing away from it? From the screencap of Mat Zo's (now deleted) Facebook post (h/t @EDM), it looks like was interested in using "Rebound," but Mat Zo and Arty turned him down at some point. Anjunabeats is apparently still investigating, but there is no new information from them, nor has spoken on this.

In another odd spin on this situation, the Wikipedia page for willpower not only lists Arty & Mat Zo as writers and producers on "Let's Go," but Sandro Silva and Quintino are listed as writers/producers on "Bang Bang." And for what its worth, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso are getting writer/producer credit on "This Is Love."

So what gives? Is the EDM community being trolled into caring about a new album? Is jacking beats and giving credit after the fact?

(EDM Canada)