Today marks the release of Kid Cudi's third solo album, and fourth album overall, Indicud. It's a rich amalgamation of his most recent life experiences, replete with a risky sonic landscape that finds Cudi at the helm of every note of production. There's significant growth at play here.

This morning, Kid Cudi told Hot 97 about the "cinematic" spin he tries to put on all of his releases, and Indicud is a testament to that objective. The textures are vast, the tone is consistent, and the emotions are explicit. The album presents progression and a return to form in one contained package.

After a number of listens, we've formed some very specific thoughts about this LP. If one follows Cudi's career, they'll notice that this album is at once a departure from and a manifestation of his truest sensibilities. For technique alone, it represents a landmark in his catalog. These are our 10 Observations About Kid Cudi's Indicud.

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