Brianna Perry: "I was riding in the car and one of my friends hit me with a text that said 'Congratulations' and then just put the link. I clicked on it and I couldn't believe it. I rushed to get to my laptop to actually pull it up, and I just was kind of in shock.

"That was breathtaking for me. I've always admired Beyoncé, she's my idol. I think she's a phenomenal woman, a woman doing fantastic things. She took notice of my music, of my video, and wanted to introduce it to her fans. That was really breathtaking.

"I had my starstruck moment when I met Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Those are my idols. I think it's more off the conversation that I was able to have with them both, that's probably what really had me stoked. I'm very chill with everything in life, I just take everything easy, but that was overwhelming to me. I think my face was lit up for about three days straight just off of that. [Laughs] That was a blessing for me.

"We talked some music business stuff, but Beyoncé, she just wanted to congratulate me and said she loved what I had done and what I represent. Jay told me to just do him one favor which was to not change. We cracked some jokes about Atlantic and just music stuff, but he told me not to keep being great."