Alexander Spit: “From ages 15 to 20 I was going to AA meetings and 12 step meetings. In a weird twisted way, I thought AA was really cool. Fools was real. I was hearing crazy stories. Grown men telling me about their drug stories and now they’re killing it and they own their own business. They were like ex-Hell’s Angels.

“Somewhere along the lines I was like, ‘I’d rather kick it with these ex-cons, ex-alcoholics, and ex-addicts than some high school party.’ So I started getting hella involved in Alcoholics Anonymous. I was showing up to meetings seven days a week and I would bring the homies and put them on to it. I stayed sober for five years—heavily involved in 12 step programs.

“From the age of 15 to 21 I was completely sober, even though I smoked cigarettes and drank a shitload of coffee. Prior to that I was on one: From the ages of 10 to 15 I was on one with the homies and shit.

“I don’t ever regret any of that period of my life. I already knew I wanted to do music for a living. I already knew who my core friends were I wasn’t worried about being social in high school. I was chilling—I was kicking it with people that were mature. I was able to hear real life shit.”