Alexander Spit: “To be honest, at the beginning of my solo career I was trying to piggyback off of the success the Instant Messengers. I would book myself as Alexander Spit of the Instant Messengers for shows. I started with having 70 to 80 people at my shows. I started recording a lot of solo music by myself, I started getting really heavy into beats.

I would pick up whatever shows I could. If someone was down to give me a 20 minute set at their coffee shop, I would do that. If someone was down to let me play in their living room during a house party, I would do that. It was very organic for me, I wasn’t picky with any of my opportunities. I would do whatever show that came my way and any opportunity I had to work on music with an artist I would take.

“That was around the age of 21. From the age of 21 to 23, I made a mark in San Francisco . When bigger acts came into town, promoters knew that I was the local act to hit up to open up for them. I ended up opening up for a lot of bigger acts when they would come to town on tour. More and more folks started to catch on.

“This was a time when I didn’t have much product to push either so they were just trying to be fans off of the few songs I had on my MySpace page. I didn’t have a website, Tumblr wasn’t popping, I didn’t have no YouTube videos. I just had a few songs on my MySapce but on my computer at home I had been working on my album.”