Justin Timberlake blessed the audience of BET's 106 & Park with a guest appearance and everyone was dressed up for the occasion, including host Bow Wow a.k.a. Mr. 106 & Park. If 50 Cent can have "guns the size of Lil Bow Wow," Bow Wow can wear a bow tie the size of 50 Cent, which he does, in homage to the "suit and tie sh*t."

Timberlake is made to watch his first appearance on 106 & Park, for which he had the rest of 'N Sync with him, back in the AJ and Free days. Back then he was thoroughly excited to perform a bit of beatboxing that he now finds embarrassing. 

Given his young start and years of experience in entertainment, JT goes on to refer to the 10,000 hours theory of expertise, perhaps the first time Malcolm Gladwell has been mentioned on the show. Finally, 106 honors JT with a "History of JT" segment, which raps, sings, and dances through the decades of his career, ending with a wink to Kanye West: "106, we messin' with that suit and tie."