The 2007 rap battle between Brooklyn's Math Hoffa and Philadelphia's Dose has long been considered one of the legendary battles of the Smack DVD era. It may not have made Complex's 25 Greatest Rap Battles On Youtube, but the battle has long been an underground favorite for its premature ending in a melee of fisticuffs and fitted's. The gymnasium-wide brawl started with a punch in the face Dose welcomed from Math after the bill of Dose's fitted delicately bristled against Math's nose amidst a particularly heated exchange. The battle featured some jawdropping zingers, especially Dose's viciously delivered cranium-stadium line: "Chrome to your cranium/click clack boom turn your dome to a stadium."  

Six years and numerous episodes of garbage talking later, Smack finally brought the two back into the ring to settle the score. While Dose pulled out a strong second round, Math's comedic delivery and clever rehashings of lines from the duo's 2007 battle seemed to take the cake. Luckily, this time, the battle lasted longer than four minutes, and didn't end in a scuffle. Smiiiiiiidack!