Producer: DR Period
Album: To The Death
Label: Select

There was always something comical about M.O.P.'s brand of hardcore, an attempt to push aggro New York street rap to its logical endpoint. What better way to kick off that career than the knowing title to their debut single, the ironically-named "How About Some Hardcore"?

The title offers the notion as if they were proposing dinner plans, rather than pushing the envelope on the grimiest of street music. Of course, by the standards that Lil' Fame and Billy Danze would later reach—particularly the apex of their sound, "Ante Up"—"How About Some Hardcore" was funkier and friendlier, if such a thing can ever be said about the duo.

Although they do nothing but mean-mug and ice grill in the video, there's still something welcoming about the beat Fame and Danze elected as their breakthrough track. Perhaps it aided in its placement on the House Party 3 soundtrack. —David Drake