Jeff Bhasker: "[I've felt like I wasn't able to deliver at times] but another great thing about him is, he's more concerned about you trying. A lot of times, we'll try something before a show and it wouldn't necessarily come off and you think, 'Oh, he's going to be mad because I messed up.' But he's always been quite forgiving. I get the feeling through working with him that he'd rather we try and fall down than not try. He's quite comfortable with taking a risk that might fail. It's that old saying, 'You have to be willing to fall in order to succeed.'

"Not being willing to fail, or accepting that you might fail, holds a lot of people back from trying something. I think he's aware of that. Even if we didn't deliver, as long as we keep trying we will eventually deliver. But if we don't try, that's more upsetting to him than not being able to deliver. It's funny to ask, 'Have you ever not been able to deliver?' Sure, we fail all the time, but eventually we succeed. We try again and we keep trying until we get it."