Hard Rock Sofa might be a funny name, but their tunes are no joke. Their latest offering "Rasputin" is a blistering electro house tune that will pound you into submission with it's jackhammering bassline. The tune takes it's name from famed Russian mystic "Mad Monk" Grigori Rasputin. Not unlike Rasputin the mystic, the tune here is crazy but thankfully for us, the Hard Rock Sofa is only delivering a punch with their music. The tune is coming out via Axwell's Axtone on Match 11, and if you've caught the Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour you've probably already heard this one. The Hard Rock Sofa tune will definitely be heard in Miami at those pool parties, and definitely when the duo teams up with fellow Russian house group Swanky Tunes to pull of their back-to-back set on the mainstage to kick off the second weekend of the Ultra Music Festival.