You have to love it when something blows up on the Internets; you get a fire sound like trap, a sound that's purely American, that then gets thrown around the world and redistributed back to us. We're not up The Netherlands' Yellow Claw, but judging by the fact that this production crew has amassed millions of plays for their singles, we're going to say they're a big deal. Big enough for The Jeffrees to snap up four of their tracks for this Amsterdam Trap Music EP.

It's one of those projects that does exactly what it says on the tin: Providing you the trap sound from a far-off land. And it knocks. We know it's early, but if you needed a wake-up call, or a trap'd out pick-me-up, something like Yellow Claw's "21 Bad Bitches" could work wonders for you.

At the very least, realize that the US isn't the only country knocking out sick trap music...