Doc Scott, the man who rolled with Metalheadz from jump, and currently runs 31 Records, has been providing the epitome of forward-thinking mixes with his "Future Beats" series. Many DJs who've been around the rave scene as long as Doc seem to either grow out of it or primarily spin stuff that was hot when they were coming up (which is all well and good). Doc Scott kept on the path of the next sound, and has built stellar track record providing the new before you knew it was new.

For Volume 11 of his "Future Beats" series, we don't get a tracklist. He'd probably cramp up from having to write out overt three hours(!!) worth of tunes in this mix. You might even be up on a lot of these, but the journey is well worth it - even if you have to take breaks in between. We'd love to see him do one of these sessions live!