The projected first week album sales for Justin Timberlake's The 20/20 Experience keep on rising with each passing day.

Reports indicate that the wildly successful album should reach somewhere between 850,000 - 900,000 copies sold after one week, with the potential to eclipse 900,000 should sales over the weekend continue to be strong.

However, Jay-Z seems to think that the album will be even more successful.

In one of the rapper's rare appearances on Twitter, Hov seemingly offered up a rhetorical question. "JT x 1 million?" Jay asked, adding, "Getting my "Suit and Tie" ready for the celebration." This is a reference to the lead single off The 20/20 Experience, a collaboration between the two.

Timberlake was modest in his response, playfully asking Hov, "Is that the D'USSE talking?" Jay, naturally, did not respond.

Will The 20/20 Experience go platinum in its first week? The answer will officially be revealed next week.

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