When did they go broke?
So So Def founder Jermaine Dupri once had the industry's most discerning eye for pint-sized talent (Kris Kross, Bow Wow), which afforded him "ten acres of land" and "about a million dollars worth of cars," per his verse on Dem Franchize Boyz' "I Think They Like Me." What Jermaine left out was that many of those toys were repossessed years earlier, during a 2002 raid on his Atlanta pad—his first of several run-ins with the Internal Revenue Service this millennium.

Did they recover?
At long last, Dupri seems to have definitively averted the poorhouse. Just this month, he paid off the $3 million (!) tax lien that had been hanging over his head since '08. The celebratory champagne no doubt tasted just a touch sweeter on the eve of So So Def's 20th anniversary concert, which by all accounts was a pretty big hit.