Bet you didn't think you'd be reading that headline today, did you?

According to a lawsuit that was filed recently by Trick Daddy's father Charles "Pop" Young, Ravens defensive lineman Bryant McKinnie owes him $375,000 in unpaid strip club bills. Young—who is currently the vice president of the Diamonds Gentlemen's Club and the CEO of the Queen of Diamonds in Miami—claims that the massive debt stems from several cash loans that he made to McKinnie between February 2009 and September 2010 that McKinnie promised to pay back but never did. Those loans were reportedly used to fund several trips to Miami strip clubs, including King of Diamonds, and Young is now asking that McKinnie repay the loans with interest.

"In the past we discussed this amount listed above once the NFL season starts and I began receiving my payroll checks," McKinnie wrote in a promissory note on October 1, 2010. "I hereby promise to speak to Mr. Young about this matter by October 5, 2010 and make arrangements to have this balance paid in full by December 1, 2010."

Good luck to Mr. Young. McKinnie took a $1 million pay cut this year to remain with the Ravens. He spent last year paying off a huge loan that he took out during the NFL lockout. And, well, sadly we all know just how tough it is for some NFL players to get their paper right. So, even if he does win the lawsuit he just filed, Trick Daddy's pops still may end up taking an L here.

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[via NBC Miami]