"I was 9. We weren’t really allowed to listen to it. We, like, couldn’t listen to 'dirty' 50 Cent or anything. So it was just the radio. The only thing that anybody knew about 50 Cent in third grade was, like, he got shot, and everybody just made up—I still don’t think I know what actually happened to 50 Cent, because I remember being told that he got shot in the face ten times [Ed. Nine.] but lived and he was fine. He was just a legend amongst third graders that knew that a guy got shot in the face a lot. I only knew the versions that had, like, every word bleeped out.

"But I definitely knew who he was, and my dad made a lot of jokes about 50 Cent being in his pocket. Now I still can’t really take him seriously, because he just seems like a dad joke that got shot a lot.

"I think that’s the only way to tell what a rapper’s real relevance is. What nine-year-olds think."