Despite our many objections to the Grammy awards on this list, we know and understand that everything is subjective and needs a bit of context. And ultimately, just because we think this album should have won or that song shouldn't have been nominated, we understand that is an opinion that some people may disagree with. But this is not one of those cases.

There is absolutely no excuse why the Grammys would forget to include Guru in their memorial montage. First of all, Guru had a long, successful career as one half of Gang Starr. And it's not like Gang Starr were complete unknowns; in 1998 their album, Moment of Truth, debuted in the Top 10 and went gold. Second of all, the memorial montage often includes names and faces you may have never heard of. They often honor behind-the-scenes people, so you can't say Guru wasn't important enough. But worst of all, it literally takes two seconds and a photo to honor someone in the montage and they couldn't even give Guru that respect. This was, as the kids say, an epic fail.