Softest Lyric: "Sometimes I just pretend, wish you were holding me"

"Look Away" in summation: Two individuals have split and the man is hoping they might have a shot at getting back together. Then his ex-chick is like "Yo, I've met someone, and I'm probably gonna marry him." Dude is all, "Wow, that's awesome. I'm so happy for you," on the exterior but all, "OMG MY WORLD IS CRASHING DOWN AROUND ME" on the inside. Then she's all, "This doesn't change our friendship" and he's all, "Of course it doesn't, but you know this is gonna be hard for me so if you see me in the grocery store and it's obvious that I've seen you but I'm fronting like I didn't see you and trying to hide my moistened lacrimal glands behind a box of Rice Chex, do me a favor and just pretend you didn't see me too, okay? Please don't judge me. Please don't look at me. I can't live with that embarrassment, boo."

Powerful stuff.