Three of the biggest names in hip-hop are the targets of a lawsuit this week. Last year Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre came together on “3 Kings” for Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t, a track which prominently featured a sample of Crowns of Glory’s “I’m So Grateful (Keep in Touch).” While the boys gave one member of the gospel group, Jimmy Lee Weary, a writing credit, he and associate Clara Shepherd Warrick are still not happy.

The pair is suing Rick, Jay, Dre, producer Jake One and the label, Universal Music Group. They claim that no members of the group were ever compensated in any way for the sample or even asked for permission. The pair is also not pleased with the song’s “very graphic depictions of drug use, vulgarity, nudity, gun violence, criminal conduct, actions demeaning to women and many other items.” Rick, Jay and Dre have yet to respond.

[via Fact]