We're not sure of how much of DAD's audience translates to the Nickelodeon teen demographic, but we can't help but bring this to people's attention: Noah Munck, the 16-year-old who played the wacky character of Gibby on iCarly, makes EDM under the name "Noxik."

Surprisingly, it's not half bad. He tends to drop more dubstep and electro sounds, ala stuff you'd hear Skrillex produce (or sign to OWSLA). Check out this trap-flavored bootleg he recently put up:

Or check out some of his moombahton stylings:

It's always interesting to see the interests of Hollywood stars, especially those who aren't really know for having any kind of EDM side to them. And while we're not saying "Noxik is the future," we can't ignore EDM creeping onto the set of a Nick show.

There's no word on if he's trying to get a look from any bigger labels, but his NoxiK Facebook page does make note that an official EP is "coming soon." We've got our eyes on you, Gibby.